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AIKARO Health & Fitness Solutions have created opportunities to over 6,000+ Aikaro Academic graduates to adventure into a multi billion dollar business. According to the latest IRSHA (International Health Racquet & Sportsclub Assocation) statistics, this was valued at $94bn fitness industry revenue worldwide.



For as long as the mystic remains, quite often the question is asked…..What does AIKARO stand for?​

The word AIKARO comes from the Maori word KIA ORA which translates, Hello, Welcome, we Embrace you.


This anagram is derived from the TANGATA WHENUA or people of the land from  New Zealand (Aotearoa). Te Reo Maori is the native tongue or speaking of the Maori language. Understanding the Directors of Aikaro both who have strong ties wanted to acknowledge their grassroots and apply a direct sense of MANA (Spirit) directly to the indigenous people of the Maori people and the cross integration of Scotland, right down to the simplistic design and the shield that protects the A in the Aikaro logo.



When the Aikaro Sports Academy was established?

Aikaro International Health & Fitness Education Since 1999.

How many coaches are in your Sports Academy?

AIKARO Sports Academy has over 100 international coaches.

How many disciplinary sports in your academy.

We are currently offering a full spectrum of specialization and short courses, along with the fitness instructor and personal trainer fitness qualifications & certifications. All our fitness courses have been fully portable and globally recognize. Pakistan No 1 Fitness Certifications Academy. AIKARO Sports Academy Pakistan's, main goal is to get enough fitness professionals into the local and international fitness market. With our balanced practical, theoretical and work-based learning courses, we are confident that we can provide both the sport and fitness industries in Pakistan with right people to take it forward.

Recently you organized the workshop how many Candidates attended this workshop what was the response?

 At the recent fitness workshop organized by DHA Sports Club Moin Khan Academy, and personally overseen by Moin Khan himself, we were pleased to welcome over 150 participants. The overwhelmingly positive feedback and active engagement from attendees reflected a valuable and impactful experience for all involved.

Plz share with us your Faculty person’s name like,Ceo' and others.?

Nathan Brown (Aikaro Founder)

Fiona Brown (Director of Operations)

Ali Syed (Aikaro Pakistan CEO)

Syed Hussain Ali (Aikaro Pakistan Director)

Plz tell us about your sports career and education career?

Syed Hussain Ali is Asia's leading fitness expert and Master Coach, holding over 35 international certifications from the world's top certifying agencies. He is also a proud member of REPs UAE & iCREPS.

What kind of facilities in your Academy?

We provide over 60 international health and fitness courses, including Personal Trainer, Instructor, assistant Instructor, Nutrition, and various other health and fitness programs.

How do your Fitness coaches contribute to the improvement of Fitness Trainers?

Aikaro Fitness coaches play a crucial role in enhancing Fitness Trainers by providing guidance, personalized training plans, and continuous support to ensure their professional development and success in the fitness industry.

Could you share the number of students who have expressed satisfaction upon completing your Level-1, Level-2, and Level-3 courses? In your opinion, are these courses strategically advantageous for sports persons pursuing career opportunities abroad?

Numerous students have expressed their utmost satisfaction upon completing our Level-1, Level-2, and International Level-3 courses at AIKARO Sports Academy. They acknowledge the comprehensive curriculum and effective training methods that significantly contribute to their professional competence. AIKARO academy provides specialized training, thereby enhancing our graduates' competitiveness in the global sports and fitness arena.


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