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As a student of Aikaro Sports Academy, the journey is truly remarkable. Aikaro's training methodology is exhilarating, fostering a discernible evolution from practice to perfection and, consequently, advancing skills with each stage of progress.

International Personal Trainer
Sara Naeem

Delighted to express my admiration for Aikaro Sports Academy and their unparalleled excellence in fitness education. Having completed international personal training certification, I confidently attest that it stands as the pinnacle of high-ranking studies worldwide. The comprehensive curriculum and top-notch instructors make Aikaro the best in the business. I extend my heartfelt wishes for continued success to Aikaro Sports Academy, confident that they will scale even greater heights in the future.

Celebrity International Personal Trainer
Asif Butt

I completed Level-1, 2 & 3 International Personal Trainer at Aikaro Sports Academy, and upon obtaining my international trainer certification, I applied to Fitness First. Securing a position as a personal trainer not only fulfilled my passion but also significantly increased my earnings. I attribute my success to Aikaro Sports Academy. If anyone is aspiring to become a personal trainer and enhance their financial prospects, joining Aikaro Sports Academy, obtaining certification, and transforming their life is the key.

International Personal Trainer at Fitness First Dubai

Aikaro Academy significantly transformed my path as a personal trainer. The thorough curriculum, guided by experienced instructors, equipped me with advanced knowledge and practical skills. The hands-on training and modern facilities readied me for real-world challenges. Aikaro's commitment continues post-graduation, providing valuable career guidance and resources. Its emphasis on excellence, practical training, and ongoing support establishes it as the top choice for success in the dynamic field of personal training. I highly recommend it with a solid 5 stars.

International Personal Trainer
Shehla Iqbal


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251 Purple Sunset Avenue
Brooklyn, BXY 92101
251 Purple Sunset Avenue
Brooklyn, BXY 92101

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